Sardinia Symposium 2017

2-6 October 2017 Forte Village, Italy



Arcoplan is a consultancy of professionals active in the architectural aspects connected to waste management systems. It cooperate with international leading experts in the technologies involved in the field.
Arcoplan has a solid experience in: Remediation Plans, Functional restoration of old and new landfill sites, Landfill mining for land reuse and reintegration of large areas into the landscape; Landscape Architecture; Integration of pneumatic waste collection system in the urban space; Graphic and design of the elements for separate collection; Reuse Centers; Architecture of the buildings for waste pretreatment and composting plants.

For further details on Arcoplan activities please visit the official website and download our presentation.
Arcoplan Presentation ITA ENG.pdf Download Link


Eurowaste Srl was founded to manage communication and educational tools in connection with research activities performed in the field of environmental engineering by the University of Padova. Over time it has become a service agency that works in national and international context in the scientific events organization.

Its activities is addressed to the entire Scientific Community in order to support it in conceiving and organising congress, symposia, meetings, workshops and all kind of events.

For the past 25 years Eurowaste has been organising International Symposia registering the participation of up to 1000 delegates from dozens of different countries worldwide.

Since 2005 Eurowaste has set up a collaboration with IWWG-International Waste Working Group, established in 2002, following a world-wide demand, to serve as a forum for the scientific and professional community.


Our group is made up of a team of qualified professionals boasting extensive experience in the fields of communication and public relations, and an ever increasing number of international contacts, mainly from the most prestigious universities throughout the world, ready to provide scientific support to your event.

Graphics, on site visual arrangements and the design of exhibition areas and support tools are handled by Arcoplan, our partner design and graphics consultancy.